I want to thank Claudia for her open honesty. While I appreciate, and depend upon, the commentaries in KEV, it is Claudia’s testimony that I eagerly anticipate each week. And this week was a direct answer to prayer. My faith has been tested severely the past several years producing necessary growth for which I am eternally grateful, but I still struggle with worry and anxiety and their physical and mental effects on my life. This morning, in the wake of a couple of anxious, restless nights, I asked the Lord for particular help. He sent me Claudia’s article. I never would have guessed she suffers from anxiety. I relish her testimonies of witnessing. They build my faith and inspire me to be such a witness. Her stories elicit a sense of strong, unshakeable, fearless faith; the faith I desire to have but seem to fall short of. However, today the Lord showed me, through Claudia’s honesty, that even when we’re weak, we can be strong in Him. And be used by Him. Once again I’m reminded that I don’t have to be perfect for Him to use me, I just have to be surrendered. Thank you for your faithfulness. All praise to our gracious Creator. In His love,


Thank you to both of you that now I am who I am.  I got baptized this Easter at a Methodist church near my home in Singapore.  I have been in Singapore for about 10 months now and I have had a lot of healing from God.  I pray a lot and spend time conversing with God every day.   God sent you and Bill to bring me salvation, peace, rest and bliss. I thank you for your relentless holy work, saving souls one at a time.


I just want you to know, the section that Claudia provides with the Scripture and the work of the Holy Spirit, in salvation, is so very encouraging to read/hear.. I am truly, very thankful for you sharing this on a regular basis. I started out getting the subscription, wanting the news, but now, news is secondary to the testimonies of salvation that I so look forward to reading! Thank you again!


Dear Claudia,

My purpose in writing is to thank you for the input you have each week in Bill’s post. I am inspired by your encounters in spreading the gospel. I had begun going back to old posts to select, copy and paste into my own file, “Claudia Koenig.” My thought is that it would be good to have them in one place for learning the variety of ways Holy Spirit works and to copy some of the language and boldness in helping people find Jesus.


Claudia, thank you for sharing your bold and amazing encounters with people. I read them every week and I long to speak freely of God’s love and His Son as you do. I tend to be reserved and it is quite a challenge but your messages encourage me. Thank you again.


Hi Claudia,

I am always deeply blessed by the stories of God’s work through you to save His people, to complete the church.  The one about the airline stewardess encouraged me to be more alert to God at work around me and connect with people.  When I go out I am always aware of the lostness of people around me and pray for them.  I need to be more alert and intentional.  Thank you, Claudia.


I want to tell you a secret over the weeks and months of reading Koenig’s Eyeview I have come to value one piece more than any of the others and it is yours at the beginning, I am so very encouraged in what I read. My husband and I seek to do similar but, alas, not with quite the same results as yours although we truly believe the people we have spoken to have been left thinking about God. I loved your last one about the Iranian. I have had the privilege of ministering to Iranians who were Muslims but had become Christians some time ago in a couple of European countries.


I still enjoy his articles but over the past several months, I have become fascinated with your weekly testimonies. I keep praying to be a better witness and your updates have really challanged me. Not only are your testimonies uplifting but they go a long way in growing the Kingdom because no believer can read them and not be challenged to at least approach others more boldly. The Lord is using you in a very powerful way.


I wanted to say thank you Claudia for writing the little stories from time to time. the greatest soul winner I know gives us encouragement with these stories. The Bible verses are very helpful. In this incredible time we live in, you and Bill provide us with food with the news of today and how it relates to prophecy and you with the encouragement of soul winning. Bless you both.


I read Claudia’s messages every week. It inspires me to be more ready to share Jesus with everyone. Thank you.


Thank you so much for your newsletter. Claudia’s stories and prayers for the Jewish people are so beautiful and powerful.


Hi Claudia, yes ya’ll got it taken care of and I am receiving the report, thank you very much and I do enjoy reading your part especially witnessing to the Jewish people!


Your prayer points and insights makes my heart beat every time afresh, and it is truly as if the Spirit stirs and yearns inside me for Israel and its people afresh every time. We were missionaries in Jerusalem, Israel for 3½ years before we came here and will go back any day if we could. But in the meantime, the Lord sent us your report to help keep our fervour and zeal alive.


Please tell Claudia how much I enjoy her weekly devotionals in the Eye View. They are simply wonderful, touching and inspiring.


Mrs. Koenig: My friend and I are incredibly struck by the real life stories with scripture and prayers that introduce your husband’s weekly reports. Thank you for putting yourself ‘out there’ for Jesus’ ethnic brothers and sisters. Your work is needed and admirable. Definitely a model to emulate! Your husband’s commentaries are superb! God bless you both as you ‘work until HE comes”! Sha’alu Shelom Yerushalayim!


Claudia, I just read your “thoughts and prayers section” for this week. Thank you for encouraging me tonight. I’ve been struggling with deep sadness and your words lifted my spirit.


Claudia, again thank you for sharing!!  I so look forward to your opening statements and prayers.