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A Harvest of Souls in the Midst of Affliction

“And then shall they see the Son of man coming in the clouds with great power and glory.” (Mark 13:26 KJV)

Unexpectedly, I was admitted to the hospital again for observation. My husband and I were taking the situation moment by moment. It just so happened that the same head nurse from the June hospital stay was there again; it was a sweet time of fellowship to minister to her and strengthen her life in Christ.

As I was being put in my assigned hospital room, the young head nurse was very welcoming, and, as the hours went by, I had the opportunity to get to know her. I asked her if she knew Jesus as her Saviour. She responded, “Not really.”

I said, “Jesus is the only way to heaven. You can ask him to be your personal Saviour. Have you ever asked Him?”

She said, “No, I have never done that.”

“Would you like to ask Him?” I asked.

She thought for a minute and said, “Yes, I would like that.”

Standing at the end of my bed, we both bowed our heads and prayed. She gave her life to Christ.

The door to my hospital room had been opened for a while. I was waiting for someone to close it, but no one ever did.  While the nurse technician and I were talking, another head nurse hurriedly came into the room.

She approached my bed and put her hands in my hands. They were sweaty. She was nervous. She said, “I just need to sit down.”

She took a seat on the sofa in the room. She sat silent for a while. I asked if I could pray with her. I told her she needed Jesus to help her through the day. I asked her if she wanted to know him as her Saviour. She said, “Yes.”

We prayed together, as she calmed down. Afterward, she said, “It was just like something  pulled me in here.” We rejoiced in the Lord for His salvation and help in her life.

After a while the assigned nurse technician came to check on me. She had a happy, joyful heart, full of life. I wondered if I would have the chance to tell her about Jesus, because she was so busy. Before her shift was over, she came to say goodbye. I just had to ask if she knew Jesus. “Do you know Jesus? Have you asked him to be your personal Savior?” I asked.

She looked straight into my eyes and said, “No, I haven’t.”

“I am going to pray with you now that you will have eternal life,” I told her. She took my hands tightly into her hands and prayed most sincerely, receiving Jesus as her personal Saviour. Afterward, she bent down and gave me the tightest hug.

That afternoon the head doctor, who is a young Asian lady, came to go over my situation. We talked a little, and then she left. She came again the next day. We became sweetly acquainted. I asked her if she knew where she was going when her time came. She knelt by my bed and sadly said, “No, I don’t.”

“I am going to pray with you now, so you will know,” I responded. She took my hands in hers and held them very tightly as she prayed, believed, and surrendered her life to Christ. I was released from the hospital the next day to have homecare.

A couple of days later, the homecare nurse, who is a Christian, came. As we talked about the Word of God, she told my husband she could learn a lot from me.

The next day an occupational therapist came to our home. She was of Greek descent. She said she grew up in a dark religion. She shared that her husband goes to a church, and in comparison to the dark religion she came from, this church had a lot of light. I told her it was because the people knew Jesus.

I shared my testimony with her and then asked her if she wanted to know Jesus. Without much thought, she said, “Yes.” Her eyes were fixed on mine, as she went to Jesus’s cross, asked for His forgiveness, and gave her life to Him. My husband and I rejoiced that during this difficult time God was saving souls. We give all the glory to Jesus.

That morning I had a video conference with my oncologist, who has been caring for me for three years. She was very concerned about me. I told her I knew where I was going. I then asked if I could pray with her. She smiled and agreed. We prayed together, and she believed in Jesus as her Saviour and Lord.

“Father in Heaven, I don’t even know what to say, as I have watched you save soul after soul, as we go through this situation. But I know that these souls now have eternity with You and in that I give You all the Glory and Honor. Salvation belongs to You, Jesus, Son of the Living God.”








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