Talking About Jesus

I was not evangelized, nor had I heard the Gospel. I know the Son of God, His Saviour of Souls, Jesus, because He revealed Himself to me personally and told me who He is and what He did. No one told me about Him. He told me Himself.

Thereafter, there was only one matter of importance. Man would have the opportunity to make the choice of whether to spend eternity in heaven or hell. This choice was to be made when alive.

I set out to tell about the Saviour of souls to everyone around me everywhere that God led my life. Nothing else on this earth was of more importance than that Jesus wanted souls with Him in Heaven. I was determined for God to use my life to snatch souls out of the enemy’s hands and into Jesus’s hands.

I didn’t know that talking about Jesus was called evangelism. God began to save souls every week. To me this never seemed worth mentioning, and it still doesn’t. It is not the work of man; it is the work of the Holy Spirit.

This led to a life of constant spiritual challenges and persecution. But, all I could see was that this was what it was to forsake all and to follow Jesus to tell about Him so that souls would be in eternal life with Him in heaven.

My husband William had been watching and listening to the conversations I had with people as they gave their lives to Jesus and were saved. He asked me to write a story about a salvation experience that I have had. He posted it on his ministry news site, which eventually led to a weekly salvation story being placed in the “Prayers, Thoughts and Inspiration” section of his website.

Because people began writing and responding to the stories, William thought that it was time for me to create a website that would encourage others to share about Jesus; I express it as simply, “Talking about Jesus.”

My thought was, “Of course! Jesus is coming soon, and He wants more people talking about Him, so that more souls will believe in Him and be in eternity with Him!”

The gift of evangelism is not mine. It is God’s. He uses it when, where, and with whom He wills. It has been my privilege to look into the eyes of the souls who come out of the enemy’s grip of eternal darkness into the Light, the Saviour Jesus, to be in heaven with Him for eternity.

In the thirty-nine years that Jesus has been saving souls through His life in me, I have not worked with an organization or a ministry to evangelize. And, I still don’t. Until this very day, I have simply talked about Jesus wherever I have been.

Know that God has His laborers, the sower through whom He prepares a soul for salvation and the reaper through whom He saves the soul. Each time that you tell someone about Jesus, you are in His harvest for that soul who is then ready for reaping. He then sends a reaper who enters the harvest that he has not labored over; you have labored for that soul. And, the Spirit of God reveals Jesus the Saviour, and the heart believes, and the soul is saved. And the sower and the reaper rejoice together!

Enter his harvest every day! Labor for souls everywhere you go. Just talk about Jesus. He has a reaper right behind your labor. And, when we are in heaven, you will see all the souls you have labored over.

Jesus, the Messiah, is soon to return. The time is short, and the only thing we can take with us to heaven is souls.

Those of you who are reading this, if you know Jesus, then talk about Him all the time. Instead of talking about life situations, work or world circumstances while the one that you are talking to may be one who is going to hell, and you have the answer to the way out—Jesus—tell it!

I want to thank all of you who have read the salvation stories on Koenig World Watch Daily and have written to me about them. This website is for you.